Off shoulder corduroy romper

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Off shoulder corduroy romper

This ADORABLE piece is perfect for your little ones! You can dress it up or down. Our items give you lots of room and flexibility. Pre orders only may take 4-6 weeks or less. Thank you.


Washing instructions:


Printed Leotards /  hand wash inside out / air dry


Metallics and Hologram fabrics


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.


Add ¼ cup of salt to cold water to sanitize and keep colors from running.

( Do not soak or rub fabric )


Hang dry.


All Other Fabric


* Turn garment inside out.

* Hand wash separately in cold water and mild detergent.

* Hang Dry.


( Do not use woolite, fabric softener, oxyclean or bleach )

Recommended Age Label Size Bust Waist Length Height
3-6 Months 70 50CM/19.6'' 50CM/19.6'' 46CM/18.1'' 65-70CM
6-12 Months 80 52CM/20.4'' 52CM/20.4'' 49CM/19.2'' 75-80CM
12-18 Months 90 54CM/21.2'' 54CM/21.2'' 52CM/20.4'' 85-90CM
18-24 Months 100 56CM/22.0'' 56CM/22.0'' 55CM/21.6'' 95-100CM
2-3 Years 110 58CM/22.8'' 58CM/22.8‘’ 58CM/22.8‘’ 105-110CM
3-4 Years 120 60CM/23.6'' 60CM/23.6'' 61CM/24.0'' 115-120CM

Recommended Age:3-6 Months Label Size:70 Bust:50CM/19.6'' Waist:50CM/19.6'' Length:46CM/18.1'' Height:65-70CM
Recommended Age:6-12 Months Label Size:80 Bust:52CM/20.4'' Waist:52CM/20.4'' Length:49CM/19.2'' Height:75-80CM
Recommended Age:12-18 Months Label Size:90 Bust:54CM/21.2'' Waist:54CM/21.2'' Length:52CM/20.4'' Height:85-90CM
Recommended Age:18-24 Months Label Size:100 Bust:56CM/22.0'' Waist:56CM/22.0'' Length:55CM/21.6'' Height:95-100CM
Recommended Age:2-3 Years Label Size:110 Bust:58CM/22.8'' Waist:58CM/22.8‘’ Length:58CM/22.8‘’ Height:105-110CM
Recommended Age:3-4 Years Label Size:120 Bust:60CM/23.6'' Waist:60CM/23.6'' Length:61CM/24.0'' Height:115-120CM

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